Hydorfracking or……..hydrofreaking?

Are you the kind of person that loves drinking water, specifically tap water? I bet you are, that’s great but when you mix this love with hydrofracked water (or should I say hydrofreaked water) and a lit match you must brace yourself for an explosion. Do you remember that day your tie caught on fire, you ran to the nearest faucet, drenched your tie in hyrdofreaked water, expected peace and relief only to find yourself awake at the nearest emergency room because the hydrofracked water was flammable. That’s right folks, hyrdofracked water is sometimes flammable.

You might be asking yourself, “hydrofreaking….never heard of it”, let me explain my brothers and sisters, for beginners it is horizontal drilling into the Earth’s surface with the goal of reaching the hidden gold: natural gas, the kind that makes electrons spark.  First, a well is drilled thousands of feet into the shale that possibly contains the natural gas. Second, a mixture of water, sand and other chemicals are thrusted into the well at extremely high pressures which create fissures in the shale which free the gas. Finally, natural gases escape through the fissures and drawn into the surface of the well where it is processed and shipped to markets. This process creates wastewater, or flowback water, which returns to the surface until it can be stored into the oil and gas waste wells.

Fracking is very different than traditional gas extraction and is also much worse for the environment. Fracked (or should I say freaked) wells are thousands of feet deeper than traditional NG (natural gas) wells. Freaking requires between two to five million gallons of FRESH water, up to 100 times more than traditional drilling; and remember we should not waste water even if we have a flowing river outside our house.  And as I mentioned earlier it can make drinking water flammable, higher toxic air pollution levels, and create soil and water contamination; amongst many other dangers.

FrackFreaking in Michigan

Freaking has not yet occurred in Michigan, and I amongst many other hope it does not occur until the proper measures are taken.  Please visit this website tinyurl.com/hyrdofreaking for more information and sign the petition to appeal further measure to be taken.





Anas Aldasouqi


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