Duck and Cover is often unpredictable. Meteorologists constantly are on the look out for weather that can affect humans, and it is their job to warn the public about these things. Recently there has been a warning issued of major storms in the Great Plains region of the US. Storms of this magnitude are capable of a lot of damage and destruction. They can produce tornadoes, baseball-sized hail, and mass amounts of rain that cold cause flooding. Mitigation is important to minimize damage. There is no protecting houses or cars, but if the weather threatens human life, it is important that preventative action is taken.

“Forecasters warned residents to brace for “life-threatening” weather Saturday night and today from Texas to the Great Lakes.”

This is a obviously a very large area, and every person in this span from Texas to Michigan is not in danger. However, it is important that people learn that possible trouble could be coming their way. Now that the warning has been issued it is important for people to watch what is happening with the progressions of the storm, and prepare for it.

Hundreds of tornadoes have already been spotted in this area of the United States and human life is in danger. “Tornadoes and strong storms walloped the Midwest, killing at least five people in Oklahoma and causing massive damage throughout the region.” This is just the beginning of the storm. Forecasters predict that more severe weather is on its way. This weather could be even harsher than what has already occurred.

Preparing for the storm should happen a few days in advance, because by the time the storms starts there is no time to evacuate. Most of the damage done in these storms will be from high winds and hail. There is really no way to prevent this from happening. Houses and building will be destroyed, debris will be flung all over the place, it is just how Mother Nature works. At least when dealing with these particular storms, forecasters are able to predict when and where the next storm is going to happen. The people in these areas should be notified immediately so they can begin to prepare.

-Mike McClafferty


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  1. Bianca Iriarte | Reply

    The people living in these areas should have an idea now that their location is not safe. They should already have a set emergency plan and put it to use the minute they hear of a hazardous weather warning because the likeliness is so high.

  2. I agree when you say that mitigation is very important. I think some people don’t take storms as seriously as they should, when really they could cause serious damage. I think it is important that the people of these areas know what precautions to take in order to be safe from the storms and to minimize damage.

    Margaret Schlick

  3. I agree that the dangers of tornadoes and other violent storms is growing. It is important for people to understand how to protect themselves even though it could seem to be common sense. Even people living in areas where tornadoes are common don’t understand that you could die and you need to take precautionary steps. Especially when you could be trapped in your basement for days under houses walls. Like how you point out that it is important to be prepared before the storm occurs.

    Andrew Urban

  4. There is no better idea than to have an emergency plan so when the hazards storms come in people should be well prepared meaning with homes, financially. I could not agree more with the necessity the people should have whenever a storms comes in. People just tend to live in these dangerous places knowing the fact that these hazards occur in those areas.

    1. Reyes Gonzalez

  5. I completely agree that when it comes to the high winds and hail there is very little we can do to avoid damage, the only thing one can really do is have good insurance. But when it comes to protecting lives the best thing is to have very good prediction technology and highly trained meteorologists. Also it is important to have a fast and effective warning system to notify people that they could be endangered. People also need to be educated about how to act in certain hazardous situations and have a good emergency strategies. That is what I think is the best way to stay safe during these storms.

    Adam Kogelschatz

  6. I agree that there is no way to prevent some damages, and it is still important to have a plan set out for when these disasters happen peoples lives can be a lot safer.

    Mateen Malekadeli

    1. Mike McClafferty | Reply

      Yeah, I think the best way plan is evacuation, but it is sometimes hard to convince people that a tornado is really coming. Most people don’t want to pick up and leave their home and watch it get destroyed, but it is better than losing their life!

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