The Wacky Windy Weather in Michigan

I never really thought severe winds were a problem until I started taking this class. I knew that severe winds were sometimes intertwined with tornadoes, but I did not know that there could be severe winds without a tornado. When I saw that this week’s forecast contained severe winds, I thought that this was a perfect subject for my blog.

This week there was predicted to be severe winds, but no one really could have predicted the outcome. In Washtenaw County, MI there were winds all the way up to 55 MPH. These winds occurred in Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor. The winds knocked over many power lines, it left many homes, over 100, without power that night. The power outages is a problem because it shorts a lot of people and puts the DTE people to work. Not to mention, the down power lines are very dangerous.

In the past there have been severe Wind Storm Warnings out across almost all of the state of Michigan. At times, the winds are predicted to get up to 70 mph. These winds can cause very large waves out in the water and the Coast Guard advised people to not go in the water.

Sometimes the severe winds can cause hail, and many times they are accompanied by storms, rain, with thunder and lightning. These are dangerous for obvious reasons. They can damage trees and houses and power lines as well.

There is no way to really prevent the severe winds from happening, but we can be more prepared for them. When severe wind storms are coming it is important to get furniture from outside stored in the house or garage, because they could be severely damaged. It is important to not go near the down power lines if that is that case. They can be very dangerous as well. If you are in an area with lots of severe winds then you do not want to build your house around lots of trees, because if they fall they can damage the house!

Margaret Schlick


3 responses

  1. I liked how you discussed mitigation strategies for severe wind storms since there isn’t any way to prevent them from occurring, but there are many ways to reduce your risk and protect yourself from them. The most important strategy, to me, would be where you choose to build your house simply because you spend the majority of you time there. Choosing to build in an area that isn’t heavily surrounded by large trees, like you mentioned, would be a great way to protect your house from potential severe damage.
    Emily Moffitt

  2. Pretty cool stuff, but do you think that severe wind storms are a product of our on going struggle with global warming? I feel as though the two are connected in some way, just like us having 80 degree weather in early March. I am wondering how much preparation the government and other institutions are putting forth to help predict the amount of damage we may see in the future. I know recently, my Grandparent’s power to their house was out for two hours because of severe winds. The question is, what do we expect when it’s on a much larger scale… not saying my Grandparents aren’t important haha but I would definitely like to know more on the how we are mitigating the situation on the grand scale of thing.

  3. This is a really interesting post, I like the way you discussed mitigation strategies because I also thought the same way as you. I never thought that there could be severe winds without a tornado. I agreed with the fact that we can’t prevent these severe winds, but we should know how to protect us from them. Severe winds could be as devastating as a tornado and even more if we don’t pay attention to them. And most of the time this type of severe winds are accompanied by storms and lighting, which make them even more dangerous.
    – Jose Flores

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