Destroying Dexter

The constant unpredictable weather change has caused a lot of confusion among the people of Michigan. It can go from cold coat weather and turn to tank top and short weather in a matter of days. This change itself puts much stress on the people of Michigan constantly wondering how they are going to dress. It is especially hard for college students when trying to decide to bring warm clothes or winter clothes back to college after a visit home. This weather is so unpredictable because we get weather from both the north and the south. This is also the major reason for Michiganders worst worry. That worry being the natural disasters known as tornadoes.

Recently these worries have become reality in Michigan. In Dexter, Michigan, a series of tornadoes touched down and destroyed much of the land. These tornadoes were said to reach up to 135 mile per hour winds and destroying up to ten miles of Michigan. However, there were not many casualties due to this tornado. Many of the people in Dexter either seen the pre-tornado signs or the storm itself and got to a safe place before it touched down.The people may have been safe but the same cannot be said for the building and surroundings of the area. The number of homes damaged is in the triple digits and the amount of completely leveled building was in the double digits. Nonetheless, this was a very destructive set of storms and tornadoes and were very unexpected for the time they came. Due to the damages and repairs this disaster has taken much time and money from Dexter. Furthermore, it brought the community together to help rebuild and help each other after all the major loses the town has encountered; some of which being a car wash and a local pizza place. This just goes to show that a disaster can happen at any time and if we want to continue to save lives we have to continue to upgrade our mitigation systems.

Zachary Fletcher


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  1. Mike McClafferty | Reply

    The weather has been quite volatile in terms of temperature. I think we can all agree we have seen some strange weather patterns in these past few months. These tornadoes were a surprise to me. Dexter is the town next to mine and there was a lot of damage that occurred in my town also. Tornadoes don’t happen very often in Michigan, but it was good that the people were warned early and there were no casualties.

    -Mike McClafferty

  2. My parents live in the Dexter area and I had never seen the destruction first hand from a tornado. It was pretty intense to see the damage that this tornado caused. To me it was amazing to see the amount of trash that had been blown into the trees and all the roofs in this one neighborhood that where completely damaged.

    Michael Schork

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