Auntie Em: A Twister!

Some strange weather conditions have been noticed over the past few days, in Michigan. There has been a surge in wind speeds that have torn tress of the state apart. Around East Lansing, fallen branches and wind-swept leaves can be seen gathered in piles along the sidewalks across campus, as people ready their wind-breakers for another blustery day. Unpreventable weather conditions have shown the State of Michigan just how powerful a ‘little wind’ can truly be.

Conditions reminiscent of Fleming’s “The Wizard of Oz,” have caused some especially unusual circumstances, in the past week, or so. 9&10 News, “Northern Michigan’s News Leader,” reports the death of a Bloomington woman. 69-year-old Marilyn Remington was enjoying a peaceful drive in her van when –SNAP– a tree fell right on her car. 40-miles south of Grand Rapids, Bloomington was hit with some of the hardest winds, regularly exceeding 55 miles per hour. Aside from the life and death issues of Mrs. Marilyn Remington, he county of Van Buren saw power outages affecting close to 202,000 homes, and DTE reports outages lasting more than 24-hours. How would they use Facebook with no power??

In more ‘tragic’ news, the University of Michigan could have some foreseeable trouble on the football horizon. Their fans will find out at 6 in the morning if the “Big House” will be open for public viewing of the Wolverine’s spring football game. If inclimate weather is foreseeable at that time in the morning, the game will be moved to Al Glick Fieldhouse and will not be open to the fans. The cited article states that the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration foresees a 60 percent chance of rain between 8 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon, this coming Friday. The report also states the possibility of strong winds – too strong for the Wolverines!

Altogether, Michigan will endure this unusual circumstances. There has been one unfortunate death due to extenuating circumstances, and one HORRIFIC tragedy for the UofM sports dynasty. Aside from that, things are fine. Dancing round in the wind can be fun! As a precaution, in the situation of high winds, it would be wise to keep an eye out for falling houses and Wicked Witches.


Zac Brunell


One response

  1. This is an interesting article and topic. The U of M football game was a nice addition. I agree that the weather has been strange and unpredictable. With wind and tornadoes, there is little we can do to prevent them, but maybe somethings we can go to prevent injuries from them. I think it’s important to stay inside at home during storms to avoid car accidents and tree falls. It is also important to have good shelter–a basement, a cellar or a room with no windows.
    Lauren Evasic

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