Great Lakes or Great Warming?

The Great Lakes is the single largest source of fresh water in the world and we need to become more aware of what is going on with our lakes. The Great Lakes supports wildlife, recreation and a viable source of drinking water but there is a problem, that problem is global warming and most people don’t even realize or understand the significant problems global warming can cause to our lakes. There are numerous potential threats that global warming could have on our precious Great Lakes. There has been a slight increase in Lake Superiors temperature and Lake Erie’s water levels are below average. The water levels in the Great Lakes are closing in on record low levels and this is a strong indicator of global warming and the onset of other problems it can cause.

Warming temperatures not only affect our lakes but also affect our crops and wildlife in various ways. Habitats in and around the Great Lakes can be impacted in a major way because they are used to certain temperatures and now that our lakes and overall temperature is slightly warming over time these animals, crops, and fish can find themselves in an environment they aren’t used to. There are many crops and farms that grow here in Michigan and are impacted by global warming due to the changes in temperature and altered growing seasons. This can hamper our agriculture here in Michigan and hurt many people’s jobs in the industry. By the end of the century water levels in the Great Lakes are predicted to drop 4-5 feet and this could significantly alter our shorelines and the surrounding areas. If we don’t make more of a conscience to make steps about understanding global warming and the potential threats it can have on our viable water supply then we face significant problems in the coming future.

Ameer Abdulkarim



One response

  1. it is interesting stroy. Through your posting, i came to realize global warming would make a damage not only great lakes but also agriculture.

    -Jeong KyungHyun

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