Greenhouse Effect and Michigan State

Since 20th century, technology has developed incredibly and it gave much comfortable life to people. Through the developing technology, people can realize their dreams and it changed many parts of human life. However, as mentioned the movie “An Inconvenient Truth”, new technology have been used by people who have old awareness. This is why advanced technology makes some problems at nowadays. Among these problems, there is significant issue, it called greenhouse effect. Indiscreet using of technology by human produce this issue and it becomes reason of global warming which is one of dangerous disaster of earth

Greenhouse effect occurs by greenhouse gases such as Carbon dioxide, Methane and Nitrous oxide. Those gases, in especially Carbon dioxide, accumulate on atmosphere and disturb giving off the sun beam and heat. This is why global warming occurrence. In addition, because Carbon dioxide is generated from power plant, many kinds of industries, and transportation, if human use more electricity and enjoy comfortable life like past few decade, it will be accelerated more than before. Moreover, as global warming is progressed, earth becomes drier and flood will be increased according to movie “An Inconvenient Truth”.

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As the world undergoes global warming, Michigan also has experienced it for few decades. Especially, some points facilitate greenhouse effect in Michigan. Michigan based on manufacturing industries such as General Motors, Ford, etc. and it occupies 22.5% of total industry. Furthermore, total energy expenditure of Michigan gradually increase and it means as time goes by, people will use more energy commercially, privately. It accelerates greenhouse effect and global warming in Michigan area. Actually, it is appeared by climate change. Michigan’s winter becomes shorter than before and temperature of winter also gradually increases. However, it does not only limit in climate. Climate change can affect many other parts negatively.


 According to National Conference of State Legislatures’ report, as progress global warming in Michigan, it will affect state’s economy. Especially, global warming emerges as dry condition and it affects Great Lake water level. Because many of industries connected shipping through Great Lake, falling water level of the lake which is influenced by global warming, will damage this shipping infrastructure. The report shows its loss will be almost three billion dollar. In addition, report indicates that Michigan has more floods because of global warming and it will also damage state economy.

Because of those reasons, governors of nine Midwestern states include Michigan signed Greenhouse Gas Accord. Through the accord, state government will have more strict and powerful regulation of CO2 emitting via using tax play. State wants to decrease or keep the total CO2 emission through this regulation; however, it will be not sure whether it is effective or not.

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  1. Very well written article. Insightful and interesting – while still colloquial. I found the graphs very informative and they supported the writing very well. It makes things like Global Warming seem much more difficult to ignore! I also enjoyed the political standpoint – very informed.

    Zac Brunell

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