Help Make Water Green!

For quiet sometime several state’s water systems are crumbling down. For several years there has been focus on watching the water systems more and more closely. As time went on the water went down to a grade D-, rated by the American Society of Civil Engineers. For over 20 years and with more than $60 billion the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 was based to help clean water and drinking water transportation be fixed. The main point to why the water is so damages, is due to climate changes! It’s funny how the climate has such a huge effect on the environment and the world today. The more and more storms that occur and depending on how intense they are depends on the effect it actually has on the water. If the storms increase, the flooding would as well increase, and produce sewer overflowing and storm water pollution. The effects that the water has on the sewers are very dangerous. If  precipitation keeps increasing rapidity or a change in the weather keeps occurring it can cause the sewers to over flow and it can run into the lakes and the water will keep building up. The more intense storms that occur the more risk cities are in.  The weather is the overall effect. Deeper droughts, change in show and rainfall patterns, and the intensive of storms all has to do with the effect on water. Around 1.8 to 3.5 million Americans get sick annually from spare time contact with sewage.  Americans all around the world must be know what is happening to our water and it must be put to a stop!

To solve this problem there are several ways to help approach this. An environmental innovation called The Green Project Reserve, this helped the water infrastructure towards ground-breaking damage. We need to spread the word to communities and let them understand how the climate is effecting the water we use every day. They also need to understand that the water they drink isn’t always as clean as they think it is. the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is helping keep this water as clean as possible. To help this issue communities can help raise money towards The Green Project Reserve to help repair and rebuild their water sewer systems. This would help prevent more intense droughts and floods to reduce water damage.

Today, as more and more communities help out with the water damage, The Green Project Reserve will result in lasting changes towards the environment at sustainability for years to come.

– Rebecca Levitt


One response

  1. I really enjoyed reading your post. I, too, did not realize what an effect the weather had on our water. It is enlightening to know how dirty our water actually is. We must all be aware of these issues so that we, as individuals can help make the water green. What I found interesting recently is that bottled water is no cleaner or better for you than tap water and that studies show there really is no difference at all except for a fancy label!

    Kimberly Shaw

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