Massive Michigan Waves Hitting….. Chicago?

Just recently, many parts of Chicago have been experiencing huge waves hitting its shores from Lake Michigan. Some were even reported to having reached 24 feet. Many parts of Chicago have been flooded to due this sudden impact of waves.  Airlines have already been pushed back, campus activities have slowed down, and reporters have been struggling to report the news to the community due to the massive waves. I think this is definitely very interesting to see how other major cities around Michigan and the surrounding states have been dealing with the Great Lakes water. To someone like me, living in the inner parts of the state, I don’t hear much about people struggling with the massive waves, so this definitely hits home.  I have also been to Chicago, but never heard of anything such as these massive waves hitting them.

There are numerous potential impacts of massive flooding and waves. Many of those include physical damage, from bridges, cars, buildings or other structures. The more severe of floods can also cause casualties and lives loss. Similar to this livestock can also be killed if this is a rural area. Other secondary impacts can include water contamination, diseases, food failures, and other long term effects.  To date, there haven’t been a lot of reported problems in the Chicago area that was damaged due to the Great Lakes. There have been reported incidents of car trouble and needing to take detour routes, but nothing major so far.

Some mitigation strategies or policy measures to minimize or prevent the potential impacts of flooding could be to provide a route for the drainage of water. You could also plant more trees and plants in order to provide the natural absorption of excess water. This could definitely help the flooding and problems that the Chicago area has been receiving due to the sudden increase of flooding from the Great Lakes.

Written by: Dino Vidovic



One response

  1. I found this article quite interesting. I myself have never heard of 25 foot waves from our great lakes, so this is a matter of interest to me. I am not surprised that these are real it is just news to me. My buddy lives in Chicago and he confirmed that sometimes lake Michigan can cause a even bigger hassle for driving than the traffic itself. I am glad someone brought this to my attention, I will definitely look into it some more.

    – Zachary Fletcher

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