quick start to tornado season in Michigan

As we have seen in the news in the past month, tornadoes have touched down in Michigan a little earlier than usual. Tornadoes are expect to start touching down in May but not March. According to EQECAT, these early tornadoes have destroyed 13 homes, caused damage to over a hundred homes and have cost insurances companies less than $100 million dollars (http://www.eqecat.com/catwatch/early-us-severe-convective-storm-season-continues-2012-03-16/). The damage was not only limited to homes but also the environment and agriculture. In Dexter and surrounding area, a category EF-3 tornado ripped through the area and uprooting trees (http://www.farmworldonline.com/News/NewsArticle.asp?newsid=14335). It is interesting to think of the effects that tornadoes can have on the environment and agriculture. Livestock have virtually no defense against a EF-3 tornado. The fact that livestock and what they produce are so important to society but yet the protection that we provide them from weather is so limited. Perhaps farm house should be built with better materials to help provide a stable structure and defense for agriculture.

Michael Burkett


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