Tornadoes in Michigan

Tornado Touches Down in Michigan

Typically when people think about tornadoes they think about the midwest region including Kansas, and other states in the tornado alley like Tennessee and Oklahoma. What some people don’t know is that tornadoes really effect everyone, especially us here in Michigan. Recently there have been various tornadoes here in Michigan. They effected a lot of people and destroyed several houses. Even if you, personally have not been through a tornado you at least know someone who has been through one, and everyone knows that they can be devastating causing lots of physical and emotional distress.

In March of 2012 three tornadoes touched down in Dexter, MI. They destroyed power lines and severely damaged many houses. When these tornadoes touched down they did not injure anyone, but they did damage houses. Along with the tornadoes came a lot of severe weather. There were over 200 reports of severe weather around this time.

The police said that there was going to be a lot of work needed to repair the damage of houses and power lines. With this tornado came bad storms. At times there were baseball size hail, which also damaged houses and buildings.

Typically, tornadoes are accompanied by severe weather, whether it be strong winds, or actual storms

The tornado that touched down in Dexter caused a lot of damage to the whole city. According to CBS News, “damaging or demolishing more than 100 homes, downing trees and power lines, sparking fires and flooding neighborhood roads.”

There is no way t prevent tornadoes from happening, but it is very important that everyone knows what to do when one comes. It is important to have shelter from a tornado; stay away from the windows and head to the basement. The fact that people do not know exactly what to do in the case of a tornado is a serious problem because they could be in real danger. It is very important that people get educated on tornado safety.

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  1. It seems like there has been more and more major tornadoes in Michigan and around the Midwest during the past few years. If this trend keeps up it could continue to worsen an already bad economy. With the possibility of entire communities being wiped out from one of these tornadoes, the amount of time and money it would take to rebuild would be extreme. Cities can’t do much more than try to prepare and then sit out the tornado. In this case there were no deaths, so the city and it’s citizens did a good job of alerting and people and getting them to safety. The only other strategy I can think of is to start building homes, buildings, and other structures that can be made to withstand some or all of the force of a tornado. That way there will be less physical damages to the town, and help lessen the blow. The problem with this though, is that it would be very costly to build homes this way.

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