Cool down,Great Lakes

As time passes, the global warming is getting worse. In Michigan, we can feel the weather is getting warmer, winter is shorter than before. Although there are severval reasons can cause the global warming in Michigan, here, i will give you the global warming at the Great Lakes.

As commercial fishing was a major enterprise at the five great lakes, naturally, there were many companies around the Great Lakes. The facts are that those fishing companies and transport companies need large amount of ships to work for them. The greenhouse gas produced by those ships and other industrial equipments make the surrounding weather warm. The effects are that because the global warming, the ice at the great lakes are melted by the warm weather. However, the water level is still not getting higher because of the EI Nino, the weather is warm but the perticipation is not increasing. Besiedes, the evaporation of the water in Great Lakes is also accelerated by the warm weather. After all, the water level of the Great Lakes is getting lower and lower. And that will cause some potential problems.

First, as the water level is getting lower, especially at St.Louis river, people are forced to move their piers to deeper water, and that costs a lot of money, approximately is 500,000 dollars. And, the water level getting lower also will influence the surrounding brewhouses. These are the economic problems. Second, the lower water level also brings the neggative affects to ecosystem, declining of water level will make the disapperance of wetlands,  if wetlands disappear, the seawater will come into the fresh lakes and it will cause the fish which can only live in fresh water die, that breaks the balancing of ecosystem. And maybe, people in Michigan can not get fish which they really want to eat.

Here are several solutions to prevent those problems. Due to all problems are caused by the lower water level and the declining of water level is caused by global warming (greenhouse gas). Government should remove all the industrial fatories and limits the size of the transporting ships, although it will increase some costs, it worth.

By Jiajun Zhao



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