Global warming and Great Lakes

 As time goes and goes, the global warming is getting more accelerated over the world. The global warming itself is not bad effect but the change which the global warming has been caused is being regarded as a severe problem. In Michigan, we can find out the problem of the global warming at a great lakes.

 Because of the global warming, the temperature of great lakes is getting warm and increasing about by two to four degrees. So, the ice that existed at the great lakes came to be melted by warm water. There by also precipitation of great lakes is increasing by 25%. However, because of warm water, the evaporation of water of great lakes is also accelerated. So, the water level of great lakes is decreasing in the end. It would bring potential negative effect.

 Warm water and lower water level at great lake can cause several problems. First, the damage of wetland can cause continuous problem. Since the wetlands of great lakes are the critical area where migratory bird stay, it provides food, the declining of wetlands would make a bad effects on the ecosystem. Additionally, at least 32 of the 36 species of fish in the great lakes have been affected by the coastal wetlands for reproduction. So, reduction of the wetlands that was by declining of water levels would make unbalance of ecosystem.  Second, lower water level would bring economic effect. Great lake is the primary place to transport the cargo. If the water level reduce, the waterline and the bottom of a ship, which is called draft, will be reduced. There by, it will cuts the capacity of cargo and finally it will raise the costs to transport because the capacity of ship could not be enough as it was. Consequently, transporting cost would be increase.

 To prevent the problems that are caused by lower water level at great lakes, we should reduce the emission of greenhouse gas. So, I think government of each nation has to strengthen the rule about the amount of green house gas emission more strictly. If we shorten the greenhouse gas emission, we will cope with the damage that would be caused by global warming.

By  Jeong KyungHyun



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  1. I wrote an article about the same topic and feel that the warming of our Great Lakes is an extremely important topic. It affects our wildlife and is lowering the water levels across the board but not many people are taking the issue as serious as they should be. We have to learn more about Global Warming and continue to closely monitor the Great Lakes. Reducing gas house emissions is a step but also we need engage in better land use and agriculture practices in our state.

    Ameer Abdulkarim

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