Global Warming and Agricultural Effects

One could go on and on talking about all of the natural hazards that pose a threat to our society, but there are many things that are often overlooked. While I’m sure that we all know about global warming, do we really understand why it is happening? The unfortunate truth is that as time passes, and our society becomes more and more modernized, our ozone layer becomes more “fogged up” with what are called green house gases. These gases trap the heat from the sun causing a “heat blanket” which is what causes what we know to be global warming. This kind of effect causes extreme weather patterns such as the ones recently seen, even here in Michigan. According to Jake Crouch, a Climate Scientist at NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center in Ashville NC, not only has this “warm weather been going on for several months, but that those types of extremes are supposed to get more frequent because of manmade climate change from the burning of fossil fuels such as coal and oil”. It is essential that this matter is recognized not only as a state but as a whole nation.

WEB_Solar-panels.jpg            Here in Michigan, our state is greatly known for its agricultural aspects as well as our great lakes. Our state is the leading producer of fruits such as cherries and blueberries. The extreme weather fluctuations that our state has been experiencing in increasing amounts can and has been having a negative influence to our farmers and their business. Yes it may be better in the sense that the farmers can start their cropping sooner, and may be able to crop a larger variety of foods, but this doesn’t necessarily mean it is better. According to the “Union of Concerned Scientists”: ” higher ozone concentrations can damage soybeans and horticultural crops, countering positive impacts of a warmer climate”. The warm weather also impacts in that we will have warmer summers which will cause more droughts which is also something that can damage much of our farming industries.

With the population increasing at a very fast rate, it is important for our farming industry to continue to be successful, and efforts need to be made so that our country does not have to face any more food insecurity and hunger. We need to teach people about how to be more “green” and introduce them to alternative energy so that we are not burning as much coal and contributing any more to the green house gases in our atmosphere. Something else that needs to be done is that farmers need to learn to adjust to the warmer weather so to yield the best results in this changing climate.


Patricia Garza-Tamez


One response

  1. I agree with your article and understand the importance of Michigan and our agriculture. Green house gases and emissions plus global warming are harming our agriculture at an alarming rate. Our farmers and people in our state need to become more aware of the negative impacts and learn more about using alternative energy.

    Ameer Abdulkarim

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