Global Warming; the next big World Crisis?

Global WarmingIt is clear that in politics and in the daily lives of just about everyone on the planet, global warming is an issue that could potentially effect us all. There seems to be a lot of evidence that shows our ice caps and glaciers are melting faster than we can control. This tends to scare a lot of people, and causes people to believe that global warming is happening faster than it should naturally. It goes without saying that man has greatly affected this process, with all of our pollution, manufacturing, and factories. When we think of these aspects, our first thoughts are to go to that of carbon dioxide and the burning of fossil fuels to be able to produce all that we do. Due to this, scientists and politicians are trying to find ways to mitigate the effects of global warming, and looking into different types of sustainable energy to counteract the effects before they start to get worse. A lot of times, this can be very expensive though, and some people are not always willing to fork over large amounts of money, and just want other people to pay the price, as they sometimes feel it won’t affect them in their lifetime.

For many, it is believed that Earth is going through a rapid warming period. Just like in the movie An Inconvenient Truth with Al Gore, there are many different statistics, graphs, and some proof people believe. For right here in Michigan and in other areas in the Midwest near the Great Lakes, there has been recent proof that the temperature is slowly getting warmer. In fact, in the next century or so, nighttime temperatures are supposed to surpass that of daytime temperatures and extreme heat will become more common in this area. Although precipitation levels overall will not change, when precipitation happens and seasonal precipitation is said it will change drastically, changing how we view the weather in our region.

Sean Steinberg

An Inconvenient Truth – Al Gore


3 responses

  1. This article is del written and thoughtful, but seems to be a bit behind the times. The first cited article states the inherent issue of Global warming – where this article seems to think that it’s “the next big issue.” Good points, good writing, but could be a bit more current! Nicely done.

    Zac Brunell

  2. I would say that despite it being, “behind the times,” the article is still relevant to current times. I wish you discussed about current government action in response to global warming. Well written and very interesting though.

    Shannon Mazurie

  3. I agree with Shannon alot of this information was given to us before is still very much valid today. However in class yesterday I did find it interesting that Professor Van Dam said that scientist dont like the word “Global Warming” for the simple fact that its not getting warm. But this is an issue that we have to continue to watch. Because our population is still growing and with technology today our poor earth is slowly dwindling away.

    -Asia Beard-Watkins

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