Invasive Species in Novi, Michigan

According to the article “Environment Issues and Resources, “an invasive plant species is any species that has been introduced into an ecosystem to which the species is not indigenous and which has a tendency to spread rapidly.” These species, which fall outside of their natural habitat, can come from foreign countries and even people who  simply transport the organism within the same country, not being aware of the dangers it can actually cause.  Not only do these organisms pose a problem on the environment, but they can also become an issue with humans and the economy. Invasive species become dangerous as they spread quickly and overpopulate native species which do not recognize the omen.

Cities and countries throughout our entire world experience issues with invasive species. One specific area within the United States is Novi, Michigan, a city on the lower, east side of the state near Detroit. The main issue within this city deals with invasive plant species. Such devastating species in this area include the following: purple loosestrife, common reed (as shown in the picture above), tree of heaven, multiflora rose, English ivy, and garlic mustard. Often times, people fail to realize that these specific plants are considered to be invasive and fail to take the necessary precautions. Therefore, these species can have a negative impact on the biodiversity, water conditions, soil, native insects, etc. on the area.

Another location within/near Michigan in which invasive species have become an issue is the Great Lakes. According to the article “Ten Threats: Hidden Costs of Invasives” large foreign ocean-liners  have been responsible for carrying these invasive species into the area. Although nearly one hundred and sixty organisms have been accidentally transported into this area, zebra mussels are considered the most widely invasive species of the great lakes.

Since many places deal with the common issue of invasive species, it is important for people to understand the negative repercussions these organisms have on one’s ecosystem.

– Jennifer Klepser


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5 responses

  1. After reading this article, it was really interesting to see that invasive species is a very large problem. Also, I thought it was an interesting fact that there is this problem in Novi, Michigan, behing that it is close to my hometown. This goes to show that there are a lot of these issues throughout different cities/countries.This relates to my article on Zebra Mussels because they are widely spread throughout the Great Lakes, like you stated. I wonder how these types of invasive species are beginning to overpopulate the Great Lakes. I wonder if there is a safe way that could terminate the growth of these species but most likely it would be chemical based and in turn, harming the body of water.

    -Lindsay Cattell

  2. Wow after reading this article it really makes me look at the environment around me. Also like Lindsay said I cant believe how big our invasive species is in Michigan. However I could see how. We do have a very large international population and its going to continue to grow everyday. I also wonder what ways we could prevent these species from continual growth.But my question is will these species become extremely harmful especially when it comes to our heavy weather patterns? Just some food for thought!

    -Asia Beard-Watkins

  3. Invasive species often times are introduced to an area on purpose or by accident. One often does not hear of it unless it is causing harmful effects on the environment or is ruining another system. I like how you bring up the one example, but there are so many examples of invasive species alone in Michigan. For example, being from the west side, mustard weed is a huge issue and there are even signs posted along hiking trails asking the walker to tear it out if they see it. There are also other preventative measures that are being taken, such as not moving firewood from the lower penninsula to the upper penninsula. But it is often times too hard to regulate – like the Asian carp that may reach the Great Lakes soon. I hope that soon enough people will become aware of the issues of invasive species on Michigan’s natural environment in order to help prevent further damage.

  4. Wow, I am from Novi, Mi and i had no idea that we had a problem with invasive species. This really opens my eyes to the diversity of invasive species throughout Michigan. After reading this i think i will try to get involved in the environmental issues in Novi over the summer. Any suggestions on how to do so would be great.
    Austin Wertheimer

  5. I am shocked! I never would of guessed that plants could be invasive and in all places Novi, Mi. From the looks of it Michigan is having a big problem with invasive species like the zebra mussles and the Asian carp. I hope we can find a way to neutralize these problems before Michigans enviroment hinders from these invasive species.

    -Lance Gilbert

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