Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Alright, yes, Christmas 2011 seems like a distant memory now that it is mid-April and the end of the school year and summer are within our grasps. Yet, in the same breath, it seems as though we never really left last summer. What I mean by this is that we had a very mild fall and winter that led into an unusually warm spring. In fact, some cities in Michigan have recorded some of the lowest amounts of snow falling in their history. Some places only saw an average of 5 inches in a given month.  This makes it seem like we did not really have a winter and it does not seem like another school year should be wrapping up yet.

So, I must ask the question: with the strange temperatures Michigan has experienced this past year, is this to be expected in the coming years?

Some Michiganders may be rejoicing over the fact that this past year has been fairly mild while others are quite upset at the lack of their snow. No matter which camp you fall in, one should be consciously questioning what could be causing this phenomenon. Some say that it is a naturally occurring cycle within the weather patterns that have been experienced over the past decades, while others argue that the lack of snow is due to greater environmental issues at hand, such as global warming. No matter the cause or the answer to these problems, the results of lack of snow will not only result in disappointed snow-enthusiasts, but by the actual environment.

Michigan will be particularly hurt by this in the matter of the crops it produces as well as the water it has. The lack of snow over the past year will have a deep affect on the water levels of the lakes, which will in turn impact further weather patterns and industries.




Breanne Zost


4 responses

  1. I feel the same way. I was expecting a lot more snow fall and it never came. Not that i am complaining because I love the warm weather but it just does not seem right the way things are going.

    -Zachary Fletcher

  2. This article does bring up a great concern of mine regarding the lack of a decent snow fall this past winter. I remember as a small child having snow from December and the way through to the end of February. I personally like to travel up north and I for one notice when there is little snow fall because beaches are extended and it takes a much further walk to reach water. In watching the documentary in class on how Nestle is basically “stealing” or rather using up much of the natural spring waters, there will soon be not enough water to replenish them. I found it very discouraging that many people would run out of clean water soon because the water is not being replenished fast enough to amount or the great loss. Water is very important in Michigan and without it the already bruised economy will take another hit that it can’t afford to recover from.
    Sabree Caver

  3. I truely was a winter unlike I can ever remember. I like how you stated it was hard deciphering where last summer ended and this summer kicked off. It seemed like any snow event we did recieve was followed up by mild temperatures or a rain event melting it all away. Over spring break Northern Michigan was blasted with an epic blizzard that i was fortunate enough to be a part of. 12 inches of wet heavy snow in the span of an over night period. It was crazy, the weight of the snow dropped trees, tree branches, power lines it felt like a disaster zone the next day. People were stuck inside and thousands of people were without power. About 4 days later after a warm up all the snow had pretty much melted and life was back to normal and the snow was forgotten. As discussed in classs continuing trends of high CO2 emissions and possible “global warming will lead to less frequent but larger storms. This may be how winters may become in Michigan.
    Arik Zaleski

  4. this explains alot about winters in Michigan. I kinda expected the winter to have alot more snow but i guess they all cant all be the same

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