Burning Michigan

The great michigan fire on december 8 1871 was a very devastating event wich several towns and cities all over michigan were very affected by it. as we all know wildfires can start anywere were is drought, high temperatures or any hazard that can start a fire. the great michigan fire was believed got started by a meteor shower, or lighting that lit up the vegetation. the towns who were most affected by the wild fires were Holland, Manistee, Port Huron also the great wisconsin fire also affected towns in upper michigan. damaged by wildfires can be serious to the enviroment including forest vegetation, including to buildings, peoples houses business as well as casualties can occur at any moment. the damged produce by the wildfire in michigan destroyed many houses, farms, barns and mills. these people lost all their patrimony in the fire some of them even lost relatives and neighbors in the fire. the goverment did not pay for any of the damages or any repairs to houses and buildings still standing. the fire caused alot of damged this was just a small demostration of what wildfires can do it was not as devastating, but it could of been worse. the impact was mainly done on michigans forest and vegetation many white pine wich were located in the forest were burnt down by the fire. the goverment needed to have an insurance policy provided to every citizen in case this happens again as well as educate the people of michigan on what to do during a fire and how to prevent them from spreading before they get too wild. the fire department needs to come up with evacuation plans and ways to contain the fire to prevent as much damage as possible. there has to be rescue plans for the people who are trapped in the fire to prevent casualties. the great michigan fire caused minimum damages but it couldnt of been worse if temperatures were higher and the fire was not contain. it is very importatnt to educate ourselves about natural hazards like this one to prevent a catastrophe.



Abraham Garza


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