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Infestation in the Great Lakes

(ScienceDailly LLC)

(ScienceDailly LLC)

I am from a town with two lakes, Lake Michigan and its one of its tributaries Muskegon Lake. They have been a fishing destination for the most part of my life. As an avid fisherman, I can say that fishing in Lake Michigan or a tributary of Lake Michigan in Muskegon Lake angers me when compared with other lakes. The problem I have comes through a bothersome, ample species: The Goby.

When fishing in Lake Michigan or its tributaries around Muskegon with a live worm, I don’t have much fun. I w set my fishing pole in the water briefly and within seconds I will have a tiny Goby (only about an inch or two long) on my line, which is no fun to reel in. They never stop biting and seem to be endless. You cannot eat or clean them because they are very tiny. Goby are very pesky because they are so small, hard to hook, and often steal my bait. We are supposed to kill every single Goby caught.

The Gobies gained access into the Great Lakes and its tributaries in 1990. They came from the Black and Caspian Sea areas of Eastern Europe. They got to the Great Lakes via big ships and vessels. Gobies look as portrayed, “Round Gobies can reach up to 10 inches in length as adults, but usually they are less than 7 inches long in the Great Lakes. Females and immature male round Gobies are a mottled gray and brown color. Spawning males turn almost solid black. Round Gobies have a soft body and a large, rounded head with eyes that protrude near the top” (USGS).

So what is the problem with Gobies and why are they such a big deal? I personally have noticed that they spawn like crazy, eat other species food and eggs, and survive in almost all climates. To prove my observation “Once round gobies arrive they can become the dominant fish species. Round Gobies prefer rocky, shallow areas, but have flourished in a variety of habitat types. Regardless of the habitat, round Gobies are very aggressive fish that compete with native fishes for food and space. Anglers who fish in areas with round Gobies often find that the gobies steal their bait and appear to be the only type of fish in the area”(USGS). Gobies make it hard for fish close to extinction to survive and affect the population of other fish previously thriving.

Eric Weinberg

Sources:  (Round Goby: An Exotic fish in the Great Fact Sheet)


Burning Michigan

The great michigan fire on december 8 1871 was a very devastating event wich several towns and cities all over michigan were very affected by it. as we all know wildfires can start anywere were is drought, high temperatures or any hazard that can start a fire. the great michigan fire was believed got started by a meteor shower, or lighting that lit up the vegetation. the towns who were most affected by the wild fires were Holland, Manistee, Port Huron also the great wisconsin fire also affected towns in upper michigan. damaged by wildfires can be serious to the enviroment including forest vegetation, including to buildings, peoples houses business as well as casualties can occur at any moment. the damged produce by the wildfire in michigan destroyed many houses, farms, barns and mills. these people lost all their patrimony in the fire some of them even lost relatives and neighbors in the fire. the goverment did not pay for any of the damages or any repairs to houses and buildings still standing. the fire caused alot of damged this was just a small demostration of what wildfires can do it was not as devastating, but it could of been worse. the impact was mainly done on michigans forest and vegetation many white pine wich were located in the forest were burnt down by the fire. the goverment needed to have an insurance policy provided to every citizen in case this happens again as well as educate the people of michigan on what to do during a fire and how to prevent them from spreading before they get too wild. the fire department needs to come up with evacuation plans and ways to contain the fire to prevent as much damage as possible. there has to be rescue plans for the people who are trapped in the fire to prevent casualties. the great michigan fire caused minimum damages but it couldnt of been worse if temperatures were higher and the fire was not contain. it is very importatnt to educate ourselves about natural hazards like this one to prevent a catastrophe.

Abraham Garza

Planting Wind Mills in the Great Lakes

ImageThe White House has taken up an interest in wind energy developments in the Great Lakes regions as of last month. The goal is to plant windmills in the Great Lakes in order to gain wind energy from the lake winds. This could be a pioneering break through for Michigan because electricity would become more economically accessible. Launched in the water last week in the middle of Lake Michigan was a yellow buoy that will be used to measure and collect data from wind at different heights. Although this project has  finally taken off, it faced difficulties and still is under the threat of being shut down due to lack of financial resources. $1.3 million that was originally supposed to come from a state grant through the Michigan Public Service Commission was cancelled by a court ruling last year. Despite this devastating draw back on funding, the buoy was launched and built on $1.2 million from the Department of Energy along with $250,00o from a Wisconsin utility. As of currently this buoy is one of two in the North American region and could be at risk of being docked by 2013 because of lack of funding. Grand Valley State University has reached out to the University of Michigan, Michigan State and Michigan Technological universities for aide in collecting research over the Great Lakes. This research includes the studying and tracking of flight patterns for birds and bats so that the turbines aren’t build in areas that put these animals in danger.

Currently Michigan holds the manufacturing skills to produce wind turbines and can benefit significantly economically from wind energy. This pioneering in wind technology in Michigan can help create jobs, make access to energy more economical and benefit the environment. “Why export” and lose out of this powerful opportunity to change Michigan’s economy.

Sabree’ Caver

This Article:

Federal government, 5 states put wind farms on fast track

Wind Power

An inconvenient truth

This afternoon during class, we will be watching the 2006 film “An Inconvenient Truth”. Although not entirely without controversy, the film gives a very good overview of main scientific evidence for the role that humans play in the alteration of the global climate system. The movie is a full 100 minutes, so I will start this right from 4:10.