Logging in to the Blog:

Adding a Blog Post:
After successfully logging in, please complete the following six steps
(please make sure to complete all; too often people forget one or more of these):

1. Select a (catchy) title for your post
2. Write the text of your blog post (or copy and paste it from your word processor; 300-400 words).
Give a minimum of 2 sources for your post, including links.
Include a figure, photo, or graph.
3. Select the category “2012 Assignment 3” for your post
4. Select one or more tags from the list, or make your own (e.g., Michigan, Water, Great Lakes, Flood, Storm, etc.)
5. Click “submit for review”
6. Logout

Adding Links and Figures to your Post:
<a href=””>Text for your link</a>

<img src=”URL_of_Figure”>, for example: <…img src=””…><…img src=””…>


4 responses

  1. Anas Aldasouqi | Reply

    Hello Dr Remke, the link is not working for some reason….says it can not be found….???!!!!

  2. Thanks; it is fixed now.

  3. how do you import a photo it wont let me copy and paste it

    1. If you click on the TAB for HTML, you can click on an icon/button called “img”. There you should be able to give the URL of the figure. If that doesn’t work, just drop the full URL in your text, and I will add it to the post for you.

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